A Peace of Home
The Transition

The time may come when you and your Care Coordinator have decided that your loved one can no longer stay at home, what do you do?

Working with A Peace of Home is simple:

1.  You will meet with a Care Coordinator, a qualified healthcare professional with years of experience evaluating the quality of care provided in Assisted Living, Independent Living, Independent Living, and Nursing Homes across the United States.

2.  Your Care Coordinator will complete a detailed investigation of appropriate facilities in your geographic location to include on-site visits, history of facility inspections, regulatory compliance, and a review of current and past staffing levels.  A review of payment options, services provided, and a comparison of costs from each facility will also be conducted.

3.  You and your Care Coordinator will discuss the inspections as you are provided information on the Top 3 facilities most suited for you and your loved ones needs.

4.  It is our recommendation that you tour all 3 facilities with your Care Coordinator.  A Peace of Home will coordinate the visits and you can ask all of the questions that come to mind as you personally inspect each facility.  If you prefer to tour without your Care Coordinator, we will schedule visits for you and answer any questions after your tour.

5.  Remember, A Peace of Home is NOT a referral agency.  We never, under any circumstances take payment from the facilities we choose on your behalf.  Our families are our ONLY clients and the care they receive is our ONLY concern.
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