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Our Process
At a A Peace of Home our goal is to Always keep your loved one at home as long as possible...we are NOT a referral agency.  We work for our families and ONLY our families to ensure the best and most appropriate care is received.


You will meet with a Geriatric Care Manager, a qualified health care professional with years of experience assessing, assuring, and monitoring the quality of care and services provided to senior adults throughout the United States.  Our assessment includes the following:
  • Open and honest in-home "couch visit"  to evaluate the real world living environment in which the senior adult currently resides
  • Detailed discussion of  any immediate and long term goals or concerns regarding your loved one
  • Review of current medications, nutritional/dietary status,  concerns or issues related to depression, loneliness, memory loss, or confusion
  • Observation/discussion regarding Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, mobility, eating habits, etc.)
  • Tour of  the current residence with a focus on saftey issues and other potential hazards
Based on our assessment your Geriatric Care Coordinator will advise you on next steps regarding the care of your loved one and the resources available to meet those specific needs.   Upon discussion our Care Coordinators will also assist you with the coordination of those resources.   

Once available resources have been identified, discussed and agreed upon, a written Plan of Care is developed.  The Plan of Care will be given to you to share with your physician, family members and others you deem appropiate that may be involved with the care of your loved one. 

Always keeping your loved one at home as long as possible is our goal!!
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