Our goal is to make the adjustment and ongoing care of your loved one as easy for you as possible.  We know the right questions to ask and approaches to take to assure that a mutually agreed upon and  appropriate plan of care is initiated.

 A Peace of Home’s Case Management department can assist you in many ways—here are a few examples:

    • You just received a letter from the nursing home administrator telling you that mom’s medicare coverage will end in 3 days and you have no idea what that means or what you need to do
    • You answered your phone today to find the social worker on the line telling you that you dad is having issues with his behavior and you need to do something about it
    • You are unhappy with the care your loved one is receiving but you don’t know who to talk to because if you make them mad they may ask you to move your loved one to another facility
    • Your loved one was admitted to this facility for rehabilitation—the therapist spoke with you today and said your loved one was not making enough progress and they are going to have to discontinue therapy in a week
    • Your dad fell and was injured in the assisted living facility—he needs to be admitted to the hospital and you don’t know what you need to do
    • You were told that there was an open door policy in the facility but you have left 2 messages with the director of nursing and she hasn’t returned your call
    • There doesn’t seem to be enough staff to take care of the resident


When A Peace of Home is contacted we begin with an initial meeting with the family/resident to discuss concerns or reasons for requesting our service.  Following that meeting a series of processes occur based on the identified concerns:

    • Review regulatory history, survey results, 5 Star rating, and staffing ratios
    • Visit the senior living community—announced or unannounced to review, observe and/or monitor care
    • Review resident’s medical record
    • Meet with key team members to discuss the care of the resident (DON, ADON, SW, MDS, PT, OT, ST, RN supervisor, AD, CNA, etc.)
    • Contact attending physician for overview of progress expected
    • Meet with care plan team, resident and family together to discuss care and discharge plan
    • Meet with administrator, family and resident to problem solve and develop mutually agreed upon plans of action to address concerns
    • Coordinate discharge to another facility if indicated
    • Other investigations as identified and requested by the family or resident

A Peace of Home is here to help in anyway we can.  Let us help you gain the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

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A Peace of Home
Case Management

When is it time to seek help from our Case Management Team?

When someone you love has been admitted to a Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility or an Independent Living community it can be unnerving, confusing and emotionally exhausting.   Neither you nor your loved one feels that you have control any longer.  It is difficult to know who to contact or when or how to intervene if you have concerns.  This situation can be extremely frustrating and frightening.  That’s where A Peace of Home can help. 

Our Case Management Department is a team of professionals with 40 plus years of healthcare experience.  Our team  works with each family to help bridge the gap that is often felt between families and the facility staff. 

With a broad understanding of the regulatory requirements, “hands on” understanding of what constitutes quality of care for the elderly and a keen awareness of the complexity of the healthcare industry, our team is your resource.  We will assist you through the myriad of questions you have and will help you find workable solutions that will help bring you the Peace of Mind you deserve.

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